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The gap between urban and rural areas and the limitations of rural infrastructure has led to
accelerated development in rural areas with various efforts. Poverty in rural areas is caused by
economic problems, due to the remote physical condition of the area, and limited available social
economic facilities and infrastructure, resulting in limited access to ability and skills, including
information and appropriate technology. This situation becomes a challenge for local governments to
continue to improve policy and implementation of rural development policies aimed at improving
people's welfare in a more real way.
Various efforts continue to be done in stages, namely through capacity building activities of
village and village government officials, institutional capacity building, community training,
traditional and socio-cultural empowerment, improvement of community economic activities, and
utilization of natural resources and appropriate technology. Another effort is to increase the economic
effort of the community through the development of local economy by increasing the productive
economic activities of society and socio-economic institutions of society in order to increase the
income and welfare of the community. The availability and limited access to rural infrastructure
facilities and the continued low quality of service levels such as roads, irrigation, electricity, drinking
water, telematics, educational facilities, health and markets are obstacles to accelerating rural
development especially for the development of Economy of rural communities, development of
production facilities for rural production and improvement of quality of rural human resources.
The goal to be achieved in this research is to know the impact of acceleration of infrastructure
development of Guntung Lua Village Kelurahan Kemuning Kecamatan Banjarbaru Kota Against
Social Economic Level of Citizen Towards Swadaya Village.
This research uses descriptive method, primary data digging tool in the form of interview,
while secondary data obtained through direct observation and documentation study. Data analysis
using qualitative descriptive technique.
The results of this study indicate that in accelerating the development of Guntung Lua Village
can provide benefits such as open access with the outside world, improve socio-economic activities of
the community, reduce poverty, increase knowledge and progress of villagers, the inclusion of culture
and traditions from outside, improving the distribution of goods and services for the interests of the
villagers as well as opening up new jobs for the villagers.

Aug 14, 2019
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