• Vera Verlina


this research reveals the correlation condition of 3 variables, namely ability (X1)
and motivation (X2) of employee on performance (Y) health service Pelaihari Puskesmas
Kabupaten Tanah Laut.
To achieve the objectives of the study, all data were collected through questionnaire
techniques, as well as through interviews, observations, and documentation as a
complement. Based on the quantitative approach used, all data collected from the
respondents are analyzed descriptively through Percentage and Product Moment
Correlation techniques.
The results showed: (1) employee ability relationship with service performance is
positive or walk in the same direction. However, the relationship between these two
variables is very low or weak. Percentage, the influence of ability to service performance
only reached 3.8%, and vice versa, 96.2% influenced by other factors, (2) relationship of
employee motivation with service performance also positive and very low. Contribution of
influence on health service performance is only 1.6%. and as much as 98.4% is influenced
by other factors, (3) ability relationship with motivation is also positive and very low or
weak. The influence of ability on motivation, or vice versa is only 1.9% and the rest is
determined by other factors, that is equal to 98.1%, (4) ability relationship and employee
motivation together with service performance are positive and include low or weak
relationship. Percentatively, the influence of ability and motivation together on service
performance is only 4.8%. This means, the high level of health service performance
Pelaihari Puskesmas not only determined by the ability and motivation of employees, but
influenced by other factors of 95.2%.
Based on the results of the above research, then to the leadership of Pelaihari
Puskesmas suggested to further improve the ability and motivation of employees, especially
through increasing the frequency of employee participation in the Training in accordance
with the field of work. In addition, assigning tasks with greater burdens and responsibilities
as well as rewarding employees who demonstrate the achievements of both are efforts to
further enhance employee motivation.

Aug 14, 2019
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